Consulting projects

Continuing Life Communities (CLC) - Thousand Oaks, California


University Village Riparian Mitigation and Native Revegetation - Thousand Oaks, California


Wildscape revised an existing habitat mitigation and native revegetation implementation plan for the University Village development by Continuing Life Communities.  We installed native vegetation on approximately 13.0 acres (7.45 acres for habitat mitigation and 6.0 acres of native revegetation) of open space within the project development. 


The mitigation site featured areas of freshwater wetland, riparian terrace, and riparian woodland, while the remaining open space consisted of riparian transitional and upland transitional habitat types.  All areas were planted with a combination of container plants, cuttings, and seed.  For the planting, Wildscape also collected 7,500 cuttings of two willow species (Salix spp.) and mule fat (Baccharis salicifolia).  Wildscape installed a combination of drip and overhead irrigation.  We saved the client a significant amount of maintenance costs by obtaining early approval for meeting regulatory success criteria in two years, rather than the typical five.  

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Ventura County Resource Conservation Disctrict (VCWPD) - Ventura County


Calleguas Creek Watershed Arundo/Tamarisk Removal Plan, Program Environmental Impact Report, and Programmatic Permits – Ventura County, California


Wildscape developed the Calleguas Creek Watershed Arundo/Tamarisk Removal Program (CCARP) for the Ventura County Resource Conservation District. The CCARP provided the Calleguas Creek Watershed stakeholders with guidance on removal and disposal of non-native invasive plants within the watershed. The CCARP facilitated the removal of species such as arundo (Arundo donax) and tamarisk (Tamarisk spp.) through the inception of a programmatic review and permitting process on a watershed-wide basis. Wildscape prepared the removal plan and Program Environmental Impact Report. As part of the removal plan, Best Management Practices were developed to reduce erosion and other impacts to the environment. 


Wildscape surveyed the riparian corridors of the Calleguas Creek Watershed to prepare vegetation maps and identify the locations of target invasive plant species. We also prepared the regulatory permit applications and coordinated with the appropriate agencies.  

Ventura County Public Works - California


Ventura County Watershed Protection District (VCWPD) and Ventura County Transportation (VCTrans) - Ventura County

Wildscape Restoration has provided services to the Ventura County Department of Public Works since July 2007.  We have worked on similar projects through our annual contracts with the Department of Transportation (VC Trans) and Ventura County Watershed Protection District (VCWPD). We also have worked with private developers and utilities to install, maintain, and monitor habitat mitigation projects.


Wildscape Restoration has successfully completed over 12 contracts with VCWPD including Gabbert Canyon Channel Retrofit Project. In this project, Wildscape provided construction monitoring by documenting the activities associated with construction and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements to avoid and minimize impacts to biological resource.


Wildscape has also successfully completed over 10 contracts with VC Trans including the Wheeler Canyon Road Bridge Improvements Project where Wildscape provided construction monitoring. Wildscape's certified arborist monitored tree trimming, earth moving within critical root zone, and flagging of oak trees for protection. 

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26 VC trans


2008 Storm Damage Repairs Permitting

Ventura County Transportation Department

Aliso Canyon Road, Santa Paula, Ventura County CA


Wildscape provided construction monitoring and regulatory coordination services for the Aliso Canyon project.  The project is located near 3020 Aliso Canyon Road, County of Ventura, California. Wildscape Restoration prepared the project maps and permit applications for CDFW, USACE, and RWQCB. Project maps included vegetation communities, biological constraints analysis, jurisdictional delineation, and proposed impact areas. The construction monitoring included a pre-construction survey, and surveys for all bird species, including presence/absence surveys for Least Bell’s Vireo (LBV). Wildscape also conducted biological sensitivity training meeting for construction contractors, and provided biological monitors on-site during vegetation removal, initial grading (removal of the first 12-inches of soil), water diversion activities, and at least twice each week for the duration of construction activities.

pilot project 20100910 003
ccarp pilot project 20100211 049
ccarp pp brush grinder 20100112 004

Vandenberg Air Force Base - Vandenberg AFB, California


Vandenberg Air Force Base Vegetation Mapping - Vandenberg AFB, California


Wildscape updated vegetation maps for Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB).  Wildscape analyzed and interpreted digital high-resolution aerial photography and existing general vegetation data utilizing a modified Sawyer Keeler-Wolf classification system to determine boundaries and distribution of vegetation types, including average density and height. 


The mapping effort encompassed the full 99,000-acre extent of VAFB with a minimum mapping unit of 5 acres.  Vegetation was classified using a modified Holland system and resulted in the creation of 3,555 polygons; including the establishment of 43 vegetation types that were listed in detail in a report prepared by Wildscape for the VAFB.

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Contracting projects

Ventura County Watershed Protection District (VCWPD) - Ventura County, California


Matilja Creek Giant Reed Retreatment – Ventura County, California


Wildscape provided non-native invasive plant control in VCWPD’s five main channel reaches and 21 mitigation site areas along Matilja Creek and the Ventura River.  The project consisted of herbicide application to regrowth of giant reed (Arundo donax), scotch broom (Cystisus scoparius), pepper trees (Schinus spp.), castor bean (Ricinus communis), salt cedar (Tamarix spp.), french broom (Genista monspessulana), and fountain grass (Pennisetum spp.) in an area of approximately 1,280 acres along the Ventura River and Matilja Creek from Oak View up into the Los Padres National Forest.

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Southern California Edison - Los Angeles County, California 


Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project - Santa Clarita, California 


Wildscape Restoration is conduction mitigation for utility construction work located on private lands and in the eastern Santa Clara/Mojave Rivers District of the Angeles National Forest (ANF). It traverses high-density residential communities, forest lands, and the foothills and valley floor of the southern Antelope Valley with sections on private lands and within the ANF.


Following the guidance of two Habitat Restoration and Revegetation Plans (HRRPs), Wildscape Restoration is conducting revegetation, monitoring and reporting. Wildscape Restoration took on this mitigation in 2015, in year 5 of the project. Work involved includes Project Management, maintenance for container plants and oaks, weed abatement, and remedial measure. The goal is to reach success criteria for all sites prior to 2017.

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20081118 vafb recon - 13
20081118 vafb recon - 19
20160115 vcwpd matilija - 15
matilija arundo after treatment 2b 30jan08
matilija arundo before treatment 2a 4sep07
20161027 sce trtp sr-73 watering - 28
20160818 sce trtp maintenance section 2 - 01
20160914 vctrans wheeler monitoring - 02
20160914 vctrans wheeler monitoring - 10
20160914 vctrans wheeler monitoring - 16
20160624 trtp weeding - 02
clc fuel mod 1 - before
clc fuel mod 2 - after
clc hydroseed areas 102507 023
uvto 20110121 002
uv plant installation 021



Bob Bouchard of CLC - "You guys did a great job here and we are also very proud of the finished product!"